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How to get a contract with an internet company

An Australian telecommunications engineer has found a way to get the government to agree to pay him $30,000 in royalties and other payments in return for using the internet.

Key points:The $30K payment is a big win for Australian Internet providers, who are fighting a federal Government policy that would limit their market shareThe company says it is a “victory for freedom” in the country’s broadband battleThe Australian Government is attempting to force ISPs to offer the same level of broadband as their rivalsAustralia’s Government is trying to force internet providers to provide equal speeds to all Australians regardless of where they live.

Key point:Australian internet providers argue the policy will limit their internet dominanceIn September, the Government introduced an “unprecedented” policy that forces internet providers including iiNet, Telstra and Optus to offer an average of 50Mbps (megabits per second) speeds, or about half the speed of a typical ADSL connection.

The Government has said the policy would help it bring down the cost of internet services by giving consumers access to the fastest speeds.

The move was criticised by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the industry as a bid to limit competition in the broadband market, and as a possible threat to innovation.

However, ISPs argue the new rules will make it easier for them to keep costs down by requiring them to provide faster speeds to customers regardless of their location.

The latest ruling is a major victory for ISPs, who say they have been given a legal loophole to make the payments to their customers.

Australian internet companies have been fighting a Federal Government policy to limit their own market share in Australia’s broadband market.

Under the proposed policy, ISPs would have to provide an average speed of 50 Mbps (megabit per second), or about double the speeds of the average ADSL subscriber.

Internet service providers argue that it will be easier for their customers to access the faster speeds.

The company said it was a “win for freedom in the Australian Internet industry”The company’s application to the Australian Federal Court (AFCC) was due to be heard on Wednesday.

But it is believed to be the first time the court has heard an application from an Australian internet provider.

An AFRICOM spokesperson said the Australian Government had applied to the court for an injunction on the proposal.

“This would protect the internet access services that have been provided to consumers by AFRICA Telecom and its Australian operations,” the spokesperson said.

However, the spokesman said that the company’s bid was still under consideration.

Earlier this year, iiNet announced it was moving to a “commercially reasonable” price structure in Australia, and said it would not increase the price of its ADSL service.

It is also looking to move to a more competitive pricing model.

While the new policy would limit the competition in Australia to the industry, it does not limit the market for Australian internet providers. AAP/ABC

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