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Halcon Construction Projects Microsoft’s Lotus 1-2-3 software is being developed as a service

Microsoft’s Lotus 1-2-3 software is being developed as a service

Microsoft is using the Lotus 1 and 2-3-4 (L2BS) technology to build software that is designed to be a “virtual” version of the underlying technology.

It is also a way to take advantage of the Lotus One and 2 engines in the next generation of Windows machines.

Microsoft has launched the new service called Lotus 1B, or L1BS, in partnership with Oracle and Red Hat.

It will let customers run Lotus software on Windows Server 2012 and later versions of Windows.

L1B will work in the cloud, with Microsoft providing cloud services to customers to run Lotus on servers.

Lotus 1 will continue to run on Microsoft’s servers, but customers will have to register a server with Lotus to use L1Bs.

The service is part of a broader strategy to provide virtualization services to Microsoft customers.

Lotus software has been developed by Microsoft in conjunction with the Lotus Group of companies.

The Lotus Engine is Microsoft’s own version of a core operating system.

It was designed to run in a virtual environment.

The company is developing a new version of Lotus called Lotus Server, which will run on the new servers.

Microsoft is also releasing a new Windows version of its Lotus operating system called Lotus 8.5.

Microsoft says the new version will be built on the same core operating systems that it developed for its own Windows Server and Server 2008 operating systems.

It’s unclear whether the new versions will be made available as a free download or as part of Microsoft’s offering.

Microsoft said Lotus Server will work with Windows Server 2016 and later, and will run in Windows Azure cloud services.

Microsoft also said that it is developing Lotus Server for Windows Server 2017, but it didn’t say whether that would include the new Lotus Server.

Microsoft plans to expand its L1 and L2BS services to include new products and services.

In addition to the Lotus Server and L1 services, Microsoft plans additional services including Lotus Web Server and Lotus Data Center, which can run Lotus applications in the browser.

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