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Halcon Construction About FCC rules allow ISPs to charge for broadband service

FCC rules allow ISPs to charge for broadband service

The Federal Communications Commission has allowed Internet service providers to charge subscribers for high-speed Internet connections as part of their network upgrades.

But that doesn’t mean the new rules will be widely adopted by consumers.

The FCC’s new net neutrality rules require ISPs to provide broadband service in the same manner as phone services.

It does not require ISPs and content companies to charge consumers for access to their networks, but it does require that they use the same broadband networks as phone service providers.

Critics of the net neutrality changes say they are designed to protect consumers and to ensure consumers have access to affordable, high-quality Internet.

Supporters of the FCC’s rules say they provide consumers with access to broadband as a basic service, and will lead to a stronger Internet.

The FCC rules were finalized on Wednesday, and are due to be implemented by March 18.

The Obama administration pushed for the rules in 2015, arguing they would give consumers better access to content and services.

The Federal Communications Board, a panel of five FCC commissioners, will vote on whether to approve the FCC rules in early April.

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