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Halcon Construction Projects When will Sony launch the PlayStation 4 Pro?

When will Sony launch the PlayStation 4 Pro?

Sony is yet to confirm whether or not the PlayStation VR will ship with a Pro, but the company has already released the Pro model for $599.

That’s not bad for a VR headset that costs nearly half of what the current model costs.

It’s hard to know exactly what will be included in the Pro edition, but a list of specs could be forthcoming.

The Pro headset also has a “dynamic refresh rate,” a new standard for VR that uses a processor that can dynamically adjust the refresh rate for the most immersive experience possible.

That means the refresh is higher, but it also means it can be adjusted up or down as needed.

For instance, you might be able to get the Pro version of VR to render the world more realistically at the expense of battery life.

Sony is also working on a new generation of sensors that will improve tracking accuracy.

Sony says the Pro will “exceed” the VR headset’s capabilities, and it’s possible that the Pro might even have a larger screen.

It will also likely include new gaming features like an eye tracker, a microphone, and a speaker.

The PlayStation VR is also set to launch with a larger form factor, and that could help improve battery life on the headset.

We’ll be testing the PSVR Pro soon.

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