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How to get a deal with AT&T if you are not a customer of the telco

The US telecommunications giant is considering whether to take a more aggressive stance against rival T-Mobile, which has a large footprint in the US and Canada.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is examining whether to impose new regulations on the telecommunications giant.

It is understood that AT&N has not yet decided whether to file a formal complaint against T-Mo but has asked the regulator for more information.

The regulator, which regulates the telecom industry, has not made any public statements about the issue.

AT&T has been criticised in the past for its high rates and poor customer service, which have forced the company to merge with Sprint in 2017.

On Tuesday, the regulator said that AT+ would not be allowed to combine with Sprint for the next two years, a move which would force the carrier to stop charging consumers for voice calls and texts and to start charging for data services.

“The merger with Sprint would not benefit consumers and the FCC is taking all steps necessary to ensure the merger is not made,” a spokesperson for the FCC said.

“This is a matter for AT&P, which is exploring all legal options to ensure it does not create new regulatory uncertainty.”

The FCC has not commented on whether AT&S would file a complaint against the company or T-Mob, which owns T-Mobiles.

T-Mobile has long been seen as a potential competitor to AT&M and Verizon, and it has become a mainstay of the US wireless market.

The company has a network of over 5 million customers and has more than 30,000 employees across the US.

The FCC’s consumer protection section, which deals with telecommunications and wireless, said last month that the FCC was considering rules that would make it harder for carriers to collect and store customer data without a warrant.

“There is concern that the merger with T-MO would impose significant additional burdens on customers, including by making it more difficult for customers to access, modify, or delete data that is stored on T-mobile’s network,” the FCC’s division of consumer protection said in a notice to the agency.

“Consumers would be harmed by AT&T’s use of customer data for advertising, billing, marketing, and other activities, as well as by T-mob’s use for other purposes.”

T-Mob’s network is not included in AT&s network, meaning it can’t compete directly with AT’s network.

“T-mob is not a competitor to T-mo, but is a third party, providing its own services, including billing and customer service,” the filing said.AT&s merger with Verizon is not due to take effect until 2019.

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