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Halcon Construction Offices How to make money with telecommunication companies

How to make money with telecommunication companies

What are the most valuable skills a telecommunications engineer can acquire?

For the first time in the industry, the answer might surprise you.

The list is compiled by a software engineer from a leading telecommunications company and has been vetted by the world’s top cyber security experts.

The software engineer, who is based in Melbourne, said he has been in the telecom industry for about a year and has a passion for making software that can help people make money.

“It’s a really interesting industry because it’s changing very rapidly,” he said.

“Telecommunications has become so competitive in a lot of industries.

People are using their phones and tablets to do a lot more.”

He said the biggest opportunities for a telecommunications engineering job were in the field of cyber security.

“I’ve seen a lot in the past six months or so that have been quite high-profile, that’s where the potential comes in,” he added.

“A lot of companies are focusing on this area, and they’re investing heavily in cyber security.”

The software expert has been a member of the Telecommunications Engineering Council since 2013 and said the council is “very good at providing information”.

“It is a very professional, very well-run, very supportive group,” he explained.

“So I think if you’re looking for a career in telecommunications, you need to go to one of these groups.”

The list of potential employers included telecommunications, healthcare and financial services.

“Some of these industries are doing well and there’s lots of good opportunities for engineers in those industries,” he continued.

“But it’s not all about technology.

You need to be a good person, you’ve got to be professional, and that’s the area that’s getting the most attention in the last couple of years.”

He said the industry was “very fragmented” and that “the technology is really coming down the pipeline”.

“You need people who have the right skillsets, who have been trained in their field of expertise,” he concluded.


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