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Halcon Construction About Which telecom companies are inventing the next big things?

Which telecom companies are inventing the next big things?

AT&T is pushing for a patent on a device that it says could someday let people “see their own fingerprints in the data streams that are being transmitted to and from their mobile devices.”

Google is pushing the idea of a fingerprint sensor on smartphones, and Facebook is looking into integrating facial recognition technology into its photo-sharing app.

But the most notable technology companies on the planet are all looking to the future for their next big thing.

In a report published Wednesday, The Information said companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon are all working on devices that can recognize your face.

It notes that Microsoft’s Kinect is also getting into this arena.

“The technology we see being deployed by the largest and most powerful companies is that of 3D scanning,” the report said.

“A 3D scan involves using a camera that takes 3D images of your face in order to identify your face and give you a virtual 3D object.

These objects are then projected onto the computer display and used to create 3D models of your body.”

A Google patent describes how a 3D scanner could be used to identify people’s faces.

The technology would be able to “provide information about the body of a subject, and also enable a user to ‘feel’ a body part, such as the neck or hand.”

In a separate report, The Wall Street Journal said that Apple is also testing a 3-D scanner that could help it track down iPhone owners.

It noted that it’s working with an artificial intelligence company to develop a technology that could use a 3d scan of a user’s face to determine the age, gender, and health of the person in the photo.

In addition to the companies mentioned above, Microsoft is working on its own 3D-scanning technology and is reportedly looking into how it could work with Facebook’s Photo Stream.

Microsoft has previously made a splash with its facial recognition technologies, including the Kinect and Face ID, which allowed it to scan a user for facial recognition, as well as the Windows 10 operating system and Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft has also created a tool that can identify users based on facial recognition data.

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