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Halcon Construction Services FCC Chairman: ‘We need to change the conversation’ on net neutrality

FCC Chairman: ‘We need to change the conversation’ on net neutrality

The FCC is proposing a new rule that could allow internet service providers like Comcast to charge more for faster speeds than they do for slower ones.

The FCC on Tuesday is set to vote on the new net neutrality rules, which would require internet service companies like Comcast and other companies to pay extra to ensure that their customers have access to the fastest possible internet.

The rules would also require broadband companies like Google, Netflix, Amazon and Facebook to pay internet providers like Verizon for faster service.

The plan comes as net neutrality is facing a political backlash, with Democratic lawmakers and tech companies warning that the rules would be used to discriminate against them.

Democrats have also slammed the FCC for failing to take more aggressive action against internet companies like Facebook, Google and Netflix.

The proposal comes at a time when Democrats and tech leaders are pushing Congress to pass new rules to protect net neutrality.

President Donald Trump, meanwhile, has made clear he wants to undo the rules, including the net neutrality protections that were passed under former President Barack Obama.

Trump on Tuesday urged lawmakers to repeal the net-neutrality rules and replace them with a plan that could give internet providers a hand in paying ISPs to speed up traffic.

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