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Halcon Construction Careers Why is the UK building its own internet in its home?

Why is the UK building its own internet in its home?

The UK’s own internet has been in the works for years but it is about to enter the public domain.

The UK is building its very own fibre optic network to deliver the fibre optic cables that will connect the country to the rest of the world.

The Government is now asking for public consultation on whether the network will be open to competition and if so, what will be the price tag.

The project is one of many planned by the UK Government, which hopes to deliver a global communications infrastructure for the country by 2025.

It’s expected to cost between £6.4 billion and £12 billion and will be a vital component of the country’s internet infrastructure.

The fibre optic cable connecting London to the continent is being built by the University of East Anglia (UEA) and will stretch from South Gloucestershire to Glasgow, and eventually the rest by way of London and Manchester.

The new network will have the capacity to connect all the UK’s homes and businesses, and will include high speed internet in each building.

It will be an incredibly ambitious project.

The UK already has one of the highest internet speeds in the world, but the Government is hoping that this new fibre optic system will give it a leg up.

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