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How to get your tech jobs from China

Google has been expanding its operations in China, expanding its engineering talent pool to work on a range of applications in the country, including smartphones, internet and automotive.

A recent report by the consulting firm McKinsey said Google has already signed a contract with a Chinese telecom company to build a “mobile hub” and an “automotive hub”.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai spoke to the McKinsey Global Institute at a tech conference in March.

In the past, the US tech giant has been keen to attract foreign talent, particularly in areas like robotics and data analytics, with the US company already providing work to engineers at Ford and General Motors.

In May, Google announced a deal with the Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies to build out its own data centre and network.

Huawei is a major Chinese telecom provider.

Google has also recently signed a five-year contract with the telecom company China Unicom to bring its Android operating system to the country.

The move was welcomed by Huawei, which said it would “provide connectivity to China and the rest of the world”.

Google said it had been working with Huawei to bring Android apps and services to the China market for a number of years.

“We expect to see an enormous amount of activity from Huawei in the future, and we are excited to continue working with them,” Google said in a statement.

Google also announced a new venture with Huawei called Huawei Cloud, which will provide cloud services for Google Apps, Gmail, YouTube and Google Play, as well as services for other Google products.

In September, Google unveiled a new service called Google Play Movies, which allows users to watch movies in HD quality, as opposed to the 480p and 720p that were available in the Google app.

The deal with Huawei also saw Google acquire the Android and iOS apps from China’s Alibaba, which is a joint venture between the world’s second-largest internet company and the world`s second-biggest tech company.

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