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Why Chinese companies won’t hire US workers in Shenzhen

China’s manufacturing industry is the envy of the world, with a global workforce of more than 100 million, according to a report from McKinsey and Company.

But it also poses challenges to US firms looking to recruit.

The McKinsey Global Institute, which published its annual report on Tuesday, found that the number of Chinese workers working in US-based companies is on the rise.

It says the US has been the nation’s largest exporter of Chinese labor, while the number working in Shenzen has surged by more than 70 percent since 2007.

The McKinsey report does not mention the city of Shenzhen.

McKinsey’s report says the city is also home to the country’s largest private tech companies, including Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., Baidu Inc. and Tencent Holdings Ltd.

The companies that employ the most Chinese workers, the report says, are tech giants.

Alibaba, Baiduc and Tenet have operations in Shenzouzhen, the region that includes the Chinese city of Nanjing, and have operations elsewhere in China.

The Chinese government has encouraged its citizens to leave the country and return to their home country, making Shenzhen the most popular destination for Chinese nationals to work.

China is one of the largest foreign employers in the US.

It employs about 2.4 million people, including more than 200,000 in the technology sector, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The city has attracted high-tech companies, and there are at least a dozen companies in the city that are among the world’s biggest companies, the McKinsey study found.

China is home to some of the countrys largest tech firms, including Baidux, Tencent and Alibaba, but many of its operations are in other cities in the country.

“If you look at the global labor market, China is a significant driver of labor mobility,” said Adam Segal, a McKinsey senior fellow.

“That is a reason to believe that Shenzhen is a very attractive place for China to get these Chinese talent.”

While Shenzhen has seen the most growth in recent years, the number has declined in recent months.

In November, the city reported a record 8.25 million new jobs.

In May, the figure was 7.7 million.

McKinseys research says the Shenzhen growth has been driven by the government’s efforts to boost the quality of life in the metropolis.

The city has seen a large surge in people moving to the city from other cities to get work, and in some cases, they have found new jobs there.

The company said it would start to cut back on the number and number of foreign workers it employs in the coming years, and is exploring other options to increase its presence in the region.

“We’ve always been careful to ensure that we have the best talent available to us,” the company said in a statement.

“As we enter the next phase of this growth cycle, we will continue to do our part to ensure the country is a global center for talent.”

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