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Halcon Construction Markets Canadian telecoms engineers ‘devastated’ by phone shutdown in Quebec (TechCrunch) title A tech entrepreneur is mourning the loss of his business in Quebec after his phone was cut off by a Quebec telecoms engineer. The

Canadian telecoms engineers ‘devastated’ by phone shutdown in Quebec (TechCrunch) title A tech entrepreneur is mourning the loss of his business in Quebec after his phone was cut off by a Quebec telecoms engineer. The

is by TechCrunch reporter David J. Pizzorno, who is based in Montreal.

Google News is a Canadian online news and information service, founded by the Google News Group, a division of Google.

A Canadian telecom engineer is mourning what he describes as a terrible experience at work in Quebec last week.

“The experience is devastating,” said Brian DeBlois, a Quebec City-based telecoms engineering supervisor who was working with an IT support department in Montreal, on Thursday.

“It is a nightmare.

I am very saddened by what happened, because we work very closely together in our technology sector and that has nothing to do with technology.”

DeBlois says the technician at the Montreal telecoms office did not tell him that his equipment was to be shut down on Thursday morning because of a problem with its network.

“He did not even tell me it was because of the Quebec crisis,” DeBloes says.

“I was working at about 8 a.m. on the first day of my new job.

I had a lot of work to do and was supposed to get home around 5:30 p.m., but I did not get there.”

He says he was told by his supervisor that he would have to wait until noon before returning to work.

DeBlos’ boss says the supervisor told him that the telecoms staff was working overtime to help him manage the situation.

He also said the supervisor made it clear to DeBloses that he did not know if he would be able to get back to work until Monday.

DeBloes was not the only one to experience what happened to him.

A Toronto-based tech entrepreneur who asked to be identified only as J was among a group of employees who were on their way to work when they encountered the problem.

“The guy said that he had a bunch of data in his servers that was not encrypted and he was getting ready to send it to a data center,” says J. “So he went to the data center, and he said that the technician told him, ‘Your network is down.’

He was told, ‘We will not allow you to use the network until you do that.'”

The telecoms technician told J. that he was being charged $50,000 for the loss, and that the entire company would lose $1 million.

The technician told them that he wanted to talk to them before they could get back into the office.

J says he asked the technician what he should do, and the technician said, ‘Just call the cops.’

“J. was then told by the technician to call 911.

J. says he called 911 to complain about the situation, but the operator did not immediately respond to his calls.

J. says the incident is not the first time he has been in trouble with the telecom company in Quebec.

He says he lost about $10,000 in cash and other valuables in his personal account on the last day of work.

This is an awful experience,” J says.”

We are looking into all the ways to get this money back.

This is an awful experience,” J says.

He says the telecom is trying to resolve the situation with his boss, who he says is doing his best to help.

He is also trying to get the employee involved in an online chat channel, to help find out what was going on and to offer advice.

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