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Halcon Construction Services Dubai’s first tech hub opens on Dubai’s southern coastline

Dubai’s first tech hub opens on Dubai’s southern coastline

Dubai’s new tech hub, called the Tech Park, has opened on Dubai city’s southern coast.

The Tech Park will offer a range of technology jobs including IT professionals, computer scientists, designers, graphic designers and artists.

The tech park, which opened on Sunday, has been in the works for years, with a proposal to open in 2019.

Dubai has become a hub for technology, and is home to more than 400 tech companies.

Dubay al-Thani, the city’s finance minister, said the tech park would be a hub to “support the UAE’s growth in the digital sector”.

It will also provide employment opportunities to local workers, he said.

The new tech park is located in the Dubai Industrial Park, a major hub in the city, which includes hotels, hotels, malls, restaurants and shopping centres.

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