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Halcon Construction Services Australia’s $1bn internet recovery fund is worth $8.5bn

Australia’s $1bn internet recovery fund is worth $8.5bn

The Australian government has announced it is investing $1.5 billion in a nationwide internet recovery and communications program.

The program is part of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s “networks for all” campaign.

“This is about putting the most cost-effective infrastructure into the hands of the most vulnerable Australians and helping them stay connected and connected to the rest of the world,” Mr Morrison said in a statement.

Mr Morrison’s announcement was first reported by the ABC.

The ABC has seen a preliminary outline of the $8 million program, which will include grants to small businesses and communities.

It is unclear how many businesses will receive grants.

The Australian National Audit Office is now looking at the program’s impact.

In a report released in May, the ANAO said that the program would cost $1 billion to implement and could lead to an economic recovery of up to $1 trillion in its first five years.

It said that while the program is intended to help communities, businesses and consumers, it would also impact on national security.

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