Welcome to Halcon Construction

About Us

Who we are

  • Halcon Construction is a successful construction company that has provided innovative telecom solutions and now we are positioned to help build new telecom networks. Halcon’s workforce include specialists with decades of experience with telecommunication providers 

Our Telecommunications Philosophy

  • Halcon Construction believes the rapid evolution of communication technology and the new products that will be available will change our lives in the work place and in our homes. Halcon has established a workforce of retired telecom employees to staff our launch of expanded telecom services. The workforce has experience in residential and commercial telecom design solutions that will enable the deployment of the new products available now and in the future. Our workforce has experience with building access and site visits requirements for broadband deployment and land base mapping capabilities as well.  

Our team is Ready to Work

  • Halcon Construction brings excellence to telecom engineering

Our Mission

Our Mission

  • Our Mission is  to provide a customer-oriented, accessible and reliable approach in delivering these services ensuring our customers’ complete satisfaction as well as earning high respect from our employees and suppliers. 

Telecommunication Servcies

  • Our capabilities include:

  1. Turnkey- work engineered and drafted in house.
  2. Project Management – project manage many types and pieces of projects at the same time to insure a proper build and on time completion.
  3. Underground Utility Locating – determine telecom facility conflicts with other proposed projects.
  4. Local Feeder and Distribution Design – determine best available path for new cable as well as determine best size based on forecasted need and delivery of cable facilities to key locations the end customer specifies.
  5. Voice and Data- engineer facilities for plain telephone service as well as broadband services
  6. BICS Engineering – design or assist developers in building entrance conduit to buildings and/or connect conduit systems.
  7. Building Pre-Survey – perform on all Ethernet requests and other times determined to be needed; check for space, power and available conduit.
  8. Staff Augmentation – provide the customer or other departments with administrative support to complete a project. 

Excellence to engineering

  • We have skilled workers and a passion to deliver quality work.  Our dedicated professionals are ready to work. 

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